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Arsen is a given name, a diminutive of Greek Arsenios. Notable people with the name include:

  • Arsen Akayev (born 1970), Russian professional football coach and a former player
  • Arsen Avakov (born 1964), Ukrainian politician
  • Arsen Avakov (born 1971), former Tajik football player
  • Arsen Avetisyan (born 1973), Armenian football player
  • Arsen Balabekyan (born 1986), Armenian football striker
  • Arsen Beqiri (born 1984), Albanian football player
  • Arsen Dedić, Croatian singer-songwriter, musician and composer and a poet
  • Arsen Fadzayev (born 1962), former Soviet wrestler, world champion and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling
  • Arsen Gasparian, former Armenian press secretary, publisher and cigar manufacturer
  • Arsen Gitinov (born 1977), male freestyle wrestler from Kyrgyzstan
  • Arsen Goshokov (born 1991), Russian footballer
  • Arsen Kanokov (born 1957), President of Kabardino-Balkaria
  • Arsen Karađorđević (1859–1938), Serbian royalty
  • Arsen Kasabiev (born 1987), Georgian weightlifter of Ossetian origin
  • Arsen Kotsoyev (1872–1944), one of the founders of Ossetic prose
  • Arsen Martirosian (born 1977), Armenian super bantamweight boxer
  • Arsen Mekokishvili (1912–1972), former Soviet wrestler and Olympic champion in Freestyle wrestling
  • Arsen Melikyan (born 1976), Armenian weightlifter and Olympic medallist
  • Arsen Minasian (1916–1977), founder of Gilan's sanatorium in 1954, the first modern sanatorium in Iran
  • Arsen Papikyan (born 1972), Russian professional football coach and a former player
  • Arsen Roulette (born 1976), American singer, lyricist, guitar player and upright bass player
  • Arsen Sarkisov (born 1972), Armenian-Russian Boxing Trainer, living in Brighton, Massachusetts
  • Arsen Terteryan (1882–1953), Soviet Armenian literary critic, academic of Science Academy of Armenia
  • Arsen Tlekhugov (born 1976), Kazakh football forward
  • Arsen Moradian (born 1980), Armenian-Iranian, Computer graphics, web design, business card
  • Raymonde Arsen, servant in the Comté de Foix in the early fourteenth century
Arsen (company)

In 2010, Arsen Cigars was launched by Arsen Gasparian, a former diplomat and journalist who came to the cigar industry originally as a publisher of the Russian Cigar Magazine, Hecho A Mano.