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vb. (context AU NZ British vulgar slang English) (en-past of: arse); bothered (as in '''can't be bothered to...''').

Usage examples of "arsed".

Hiraga shouted and, again as one man, the maneuver rehearsed many times, Akimoto and the remaining four broke off their duels and charged back through the damaged main gate, Hiraga last--the badly wounded youth, Jozan, hobbling after them.

Didn't make either of them into loyal Nazisas far as Bruhns was concerned they were just two blokes trying to get by, occasionally get laid, and more often get rat-arsed.

Vespasian may be a grouchy old barbarian-basher with a tight-arsed Sabine outlook but I work for him sometimes.

What is the use of specialisation if fat-arsed women are too bloody stupid to make use of services that people have spent a lot of money and effort to provide?

Because you’re going to see a lot worse than a bare-arsed woman my age before we’re done.

Real hard-arsed mother who isn’t gonna believe in God’s Brother no matter what I do to him.

With Malcolm, every time I start the speech I have rehearsed, I know the words will sound forced, flat and dreadful before I begin so I say nothing.

Before Sir William could ask another question, Poncin in his most perfect, rehearsed Japanese--and to Tyrer's astonishment--began to offer the face-saving formula he had devised: "Honored Lord, on behalf of my Master, humbly suggest roju perhap consdir, ah please excuse, perhaps consider roju lend Satsuma first payment, one fifth.

Where's the piss-arsed grub and where's the booze an' where's the doxies we's promised?

The Club meeting had quickly gravitated into the usual shouting, cursing, angry mass of men, increasingly heated, with plenty of drinking, talking and no one listening, with a single theme locking them all together: "God curse all governments, all bleeding tax collectors, all fat-arsed Admirals and Generals wot don't know their poxy place, wot don't do wot they're supposed to do which is listen to the business community, do wot we bloody say and Bob's your bloody Uncle!

They be catching him, trying him and then the guillotine--Frogs bain't like our lily piss-arsed Peelers.

At once over the fence and into the next garden in a carefully rehearsed retreat, into the next, over that fence and into the alleyway, down it, quickly diverting into a passage between the low hovels.

The words came haltingly, even though he had rehearsed them a dozen times, new waves of nausea washing through him.

Pallidar, well rehearsed in Japanese customs now, went over to the officer, bowed, made sure the officer bowed equally.

In his imagination he had rehearsed the act so many times that it would be so smooth and kind and releasing.