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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arriere \Ar*riere"\, n. [F. arri[`e]re. See Arrear.] ``That which is behind''; the rear; -- chiefly used as an adjective in the sense of behind, rear, subordinate.

Arriere fee, Arriere fief, a fee or fief dependent on a superior fee, or a fee held of a feudatory.

Arriere vassal, the vassal of a vassal.


n. (context obsolete English) That which is behind or subordinate; the rear.


Usage examples of "arriere".

Surely truces, without even an arriere pensee of difference of opinion, between those who are compelled to take widely different sides during the greater part of their lives, must be of infinite service to those who can enter on them.

The tint was the normal grey-green, not unlike that of the traps in arriere plan.

After that you could find all the world at the coffee-houses, where an arriere supper was often served with devilled bones and prunes, to drive the fumes of wine from the head.

Therefore, at the moment when Gering was pressing Iberville hard, the Frenchman suddenly, with a trick of the Italian school, threw his left leg en arriere and made a lunge, which ordinarily would have spitted his enemy, but at the critical moment one word came ringing clearly through the locked door.

Boldly I performed the chasse en avant and chasse en arriere glissade, until, when it came to my turn to move towards her and I, with a comic gesture, showed her the poor glove with its crumpled fingers, she laughed heartily, and seemed to move her tiny feet more enchantingly than ever over the parquetted floor.

Corysandre etait restee en arriere, mais sans chercher a se cacher, la tete haute, ne laissant paraitre sa confusion que par le trouble de ses yeux et la rougeur de son visage.

After the chapter devoted to Tangut in general, and before that which contains the description of its capital, are three chapters treating successively of the provinces of Camul, Ginchintalas, and Juctang, in the latter of which we find this passage: 'Et la grant provence jeneraus où ceste provence (Juctang) est, et ceste deux (Camul et Ginchintalas) que je vos ai contés en arrieres, est appellés Tangut.