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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arrha \Ar"rha\, n.; pl. Arrh[ae]. [L. Cf. Earnest.] (Law) Money or other valuable thing given to evidence a contract; a pledge or earnest.


n. (cx legal historical English) Money or some other valuable item given to evidence a contract; a pledge or earnest.

Usage examples of "arrha".

Arrhae sprawled on the ground, gasping with the pain of a collarbone that had snapped like a stick when Naraht's fast-moving bulk had slammed into her braced shooting-arm.

It was the stone pillow for Arrhae, and a couch of triple-thickness leather and whitewood, and a balding fur or two in far-sun weather: nothing more.

Or comfort, Arrhae thought, rubbing at the kinks in her spine and looking with loathing toward the 'fresher - which as often as not ran only with cold water.

But somehow the promised support never materialized, and Arrhae had too often overheard chance comments that told her it never would.

There was no use waiting: the 'fresher was running cold again, and Arrhae clambered in and made some of the fastest ablutions of her life.

This naturally made no difference to the shouting voices, but the momentary blasphemy left Arrhae with a sort of crooked satisfaction.

This one meant simply "stay where you are," and Arrhae did just that, settling her stance so that she would not have to shift her weight to stay comfortable.

Its glow was carving gullies of shadow into the wrinkled skin of his face, and though she had known it for long enough, as if for the first time Arrhae realized that he was old.

He read again what glowed therein amber on black, shifted so that he could give Arrhae his full attention, and smiled at her.

The expedition involved more and harder work in a shorter time than Arrhae had experienced in a very long while ?

H'daen's authorization to use his personal vehicle was waiting for Arrhae when she emerged from the stores and pantries with a sheaf of notes in her hand and tr'Aimne in tow, and that authorization did as much to instill respect for her in the chief cook as any amount of severity and harsh language.

So Arrhae had sat, sipping and coughing slightly, nibbling and adhering to things, and being a good listener as working for H'daen had taught her how.

It was all nonsense, of course, a garble of starships and secrets, with important names scattered grandly through the narrative that would have meant much more to Arrhae had she known who these doubtless?

There had been times, especially when Eisn burned hot and close in the summer sky, when Arrhae would have dearly loved the supervising of the sanitary staff.

Out of the corner of her eye, Arrhae caught sight of tr'Aimne tightening his straps, and his lips moving silently.