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ARRA (computer)

The ARRA (for "Automatische Relais Rekenmachine Amsterdam", Automatic Relay Calculator Amsterdam) was the first Dutch computer, and was built from relays for the Dutch Mathematical Centre (Dutch: Mathematisch Centrum), which later became the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI).

It was designed and built by Carel Scholten and Bram Loopstra, and was finished in 1952. Because of reliability problems it was soon taken out of commission, and "updated" to the ARRA II, which actually was a completely new design.


Arra may refer to:

  • Arra, Purulia
  • Arra, Pakistan
  • Arra, now part of Owney and Arra, County Tipperary, Ireland
  • Arra Mountains, County Tipperary, Ireland

ARRA may refer to:

  • Ajman Real Estate Regulatory Agency, of Ajman, United Arab Emirates
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  • ARRA (computer), the first Dutch computer

Usage examples of "arra".

The lead broke and Arra laid the pencil down, exerting all her will to keep her hand from shaking.

Tony brushed it off against his jeans as Arra laid a strainer over the top of the jar and decanted the hot, greenish-brown vodka into it.

He had to try something because without Arra, it was up to him, and unless it turned out that a 6,000 watt carbon arc lamp was all it took, the world was fucking doomed.

If Arra was right and the next opening of the gate would release more shadows into the world, Lee needed to be as far from the gate as possible-not standing underneath it chatting to the boom operator while Peter went over the reactions he wanted with Laura.

Still plenty of time to get Henry and have him convince Arra to prepare more sparkly green vodka.

Standing on the city walls, mirror raised to catch the late afternoon light, Arra could see past the pockets of battle, past the men and women struggling to defeat an enemy their superior in both strength and numbers, past the black tents well warded against magical attack, and into the swath of destruction that stretched back to the border.

As he turned his gaze back to traffic, Arra tugged at a plastic fold in her lap.

She snorted, sounding remarkably like Arra, sat down, and licked her butt.

Her voice trailed off and Arra scowled out at the road, her frown deepening slightly at each slap of the windshield wipers.

As he stopped behind her, Arra placed a six of diamonds on a seven of clubs.

As Arra stood and headed for the kitchen, he suddenly realized she expected him to coax the cat out from under the couch.

OUT fully clothed on her bed under a fuzzy blanket stamped with a Hilton Hotel imprint, Arra muttered an incoherent protest and immediately went to sleep.

Tony flushed as Arra turned from stirring the potion and raised a speculative brow.

They were still more than ten feet away when he turned, stared at Tony in confusion, then at Arra in fear.

Fingers closed around his arm as Arra leaned on him, catching her breath.