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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arpent \Ar"pent\, Arpen \Ar"pen\, n. [F. arpent, fr. L. arepennis, arapennis. According to Columella, a Gallic word for a measure equiv. to half a Roman jugerum.] Formerly, a measure of land in France, varying in different parts of the country. The arpent of Paris was 4,088 sq. yards, or nearly five sixths of an English acre. The woodland arpent was about 1 acre, 1 rood, 1 perch, English.


n. (alternative form of arpent nodot=yes English) (old unit of measure)

Usage examples of "arpen".

Indian Sea breedeth the most and the biggest fishes that are: among which the Whales and Whirlpooles called Balaene, take up as much in length as four acres or arpens of land.