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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ By means of added rhythmic patterns in chords and arpeggios it can fill out the music to enhance the singing of a congregation.
▪ Essentially it's a series of arpeggios phrased in two groups of three and one group of two eighth-notes per bar.
▪ Example 2 shows how the appropriate arpeggio can be found.
▪ Finally, the third rhythm forms a contrastingly smooth arpeggio which sweeps upwards in pairs of quavers.
▪ In arpeggios divided between the hands the same rule holds good.
▪ Obviously, without the interruption and relief of the contrasting arpeggio, the accompaniment could never have kept its mordant vitality fresh.
▪ Passages based on chords or arpeggios are equally effective on the harp.
▪ Throughout, there are no awkward melodic leaps; everything proceeds smoothly, by arpeggio or by step.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arpeggio \Ar*peg"gio\, n. [It., fr. arpeggiare to play on the harp, fr. arpa harp.] (Mus.) The production of the tones of a chord in rapid succession, as in playing the harp, and not simultaneously; a strain thus played.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1742, from Italian arpeggio, from arpeggiare "to play upon the harp," from arpa "harp," which is of Germanic origin (see harp (n.)). Related: Arpeggiated; arpeggiation.


n. (context music English) The notes of a chord played individually instead of simultaneously, usually moving from lowest to highest.


n. a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously


An arpeggio is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played or sung in sequence, one after the other, rather than ringing out simultaneously. This word comes from the Italian word "arpeggiare", which means "to play on a harp". An alternative translation of this term is "broken chord".

Arpeggios allow monophonic instruments to play chords and harmony and help create rhythmic interest.

Usage examples of "arpeggio".

The key instrument perhaps was the various permutations of synthesizer, organ and electronic piano, allowing the keyboardist to launch his fingers at the flick of switch into arpeggios of different sound.

The key instruments were the various permutations of synthesizer, organ and electronic piano, allowing the keyboardist to launch his fingers at the flick of switch, into arpeggios of different sound.

Beck rang several upward-lilting arpeggios on his little bells as Autumn levitated from her split, slowly scissoring her legs together again and levering herself upright on the rope.

I awoke as so often during my life to the sound of warming-up chromatics and wrist-loosening arpeggios, and lay lazily in bed listening to her pick her way phrase by phrase through a dissonant modern score, repeating and repeating each section until she was satisfied she knew it, until the notes flowed easily in their intended order.

Ben came in while he was playing, and they nodded at each other, but Farrell went on with the pavane until it ended abruptly in a gentle broken arpeggio.

He demonstrated how they could play a slow octave, say, when Sarah unfolded swanlike in one of her bareback postures, or a quick tinkling arpeggio as Sunday spun through a fast one-hand walkover.

Some trainers sent green horses to crash around racecourses with only the haziest idea of how to meet a jump right, but Wykeham and I were in accord: it was no good expecting virtuoso jumping in public without arpeggios at home.

Her final arpeggio climbed up the neck, sweetening as it did so, until the last note rang out, shimmering: the gracious smile of a Goddess.

At the sight of the keyboard Schubert, like a small child with a new toy, ran his fingers in an arpeggio up and down the keys.

But Mr Higgin dashed off a few brilliant arpeggio passages, and smiled delight at his hostess.

And he lightly scratched the keys, as if tricking his fingers into an arpeggio, and consoling the machine that way.

Fingernails that gleam like mother-of-pearl strike strings, ripple chords and arpeggios into the perfumed air as he weaves a spell of timelessness and eternity.

The Malmsteen solo was easy to play, but playing did not imply understanding, and she fought her way through the lightning scales and arpeggios, striving to comprehend the flashes of blue and violet and emerald that erupted from the music.

She flipped the pickup selector switch on the front of the Strat, adjusted a tone knob, and then went off into a series of cascading arpeggios that ranged from despairing to joyous in the space of a few seconds.

Her blue eyes narrowed as she went back into rapid-fire arpeggios and licks, and she seemed to be thinking of something that angered her.