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init. (context military US English) (initialism of w:Advanced Research Projects Agency Advanced Research Projects Agency nodot=1 English) (gloss: renamed to DARPA in 1972)


Arpa or ARPA may refer to:

Arpa (river)

The Arpa (, ) is a river that flows through Armenia and Azerbaijan's Nakhichevan exclave. It originates in the Vayots Dzor province (marz) of Armenia and is as a left tributary of the Aras. It runs through many cities and towns and is mainly known for its beauty. Spandaryan Reservoir lies on the river.

Usage examples of "arpa".

Escribí una carta de muchas páginas, que rompí al zarpar de Montevideo.

Oí el ruido del arpa cuando el cantor, sin duda exhausto, la arrojó al suelo.