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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aroph \Ar"oph\, n. [A contraction of aroma philosophorum.] A barbarous word used by the old chemists to designate various medical remedies. [Obs.]


n. (context chemistry obsolete English) Any of various medical remedy.

Usage examples of "aroph".

I was singing the praises of this application the idea came into my head to say that, to be absolutely certain, it was necessary for the aroph to be mingled with semen which had not lost its natural heat.

I was sorry for having spoken about the aroph, as three days had gone by without her mentioning it, and I could not very well reopen the question myself.

I made up my mind to receive the aroph from another, tell me how it could be done.

I feared I had promised more than I could perform, and I should not be able to make any abatement without hazarding, not the success of the aroph, but the bliss I had taken such pains to win.

I flattered myself that she would mention the aroph, but she did not do so.

When she was ready--that is, when she had placed the aroph as neatly as a skull-cap fits a parson--she put herself in the proper position for the preparation to mix with the semen.

When the introduction of the aroph was perfect the timid lady put out the candle, but a few minutes after it had to be lighted again.

Her modesty had now been replaced by confidence, and as she was looking at the aroph fitted in its place, she shewed me with her pretty finger very evident signs of her co-operation in the work.

She often told me during our nocturnal conversations that she was happy and would continue to be so, even though the aroph had no effect.

All the same I said nothing about the aroph or the share I had taken in its exhibition.

If he is not well off I will give you whatever money may be needed for him to come without delay, and save your honour and life by giving you the aroph.

I put out the candle, and without troubling about the aroph, we set ourselves to the pleasant task of proving that we truly loved each other.

I would use nothing but honey, so the composition of the aroph would not be a very complicated process.

Our conversation then took a tender turn, and we were about to seal our mutual ardours without troubling about the aroph, when prudence bade us beware.

The end of this apparatus was to be well anointed with aroph, and as it only acted at a moment of uterine excitement it was necessary to apply it with the same movement as that of coition.