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n. 1 An androsexual male or SGA male 2 (context slang English) aromantic


Aro may refer to:

  • The abbreviation of aromantic, a romantic orientation.
  • Aro people, an Igbo subgroup in West Africa
  • Aro Confederacy, a precolonial Igbo trading oligarchy in West Africa
  • Årø (Denmark), a small island in the Lillebælt in Denmark
  • Årø, Norway, a neighborhood of Molde
  • Aro, Papua New Guinea, a village in Morobe Province
  • Aro gTér, a lineage within Tibetan Buddhism
  • Aro, a deity in Igbo mythology
  • Aro (Twilight), a character in the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer
  • Aro (instrument), a folk instrument used in traditional Yoruba music
  • Aro Manufacturing Co. v. Convertible Top Replacement Co., a US patent law decision concerning repair, replacement, and the aftermarket
  • Aro (murderer) (died 1957), the last person executed in Papua New Guinea
  • Aro River, a tributary of the Orinoco River in Venezuela.
  • Aro (surname)

ARO may refer to:

  • ARO (Auto Romania), a car company
  • Asset retirement obligation, a financial liability which provides for future disposal of assets
  • Arctic Research Office, a division of the US NOAA
  • Arizona Radio Observatory, a part of Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona
  • Army Research Office, a department of the United States Army Research Laboratory
  • Agricultural Research Organization, of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture
  • ARO, the former stock ticker symbol for Aéropostale (clothing)
  • ARO, after receipt of order
  • Algonquin Radio Observatory, a radio telescope research facility in Ontario, Canada
  • Airport Reservation (or Reporting) Office
Aro (murderer)

Aro (known only by that name) was the last person executed in Papua New Guinea.

In 1957, while Papua New Guinea was an Australian territory, Aro, then a young man, walked into a hospital "carrying a baby and a blood-stained axe" and stated that he had killed his two wives.

He was convicted of willful murder, sentenced to death, and executed by hanging in November 1957.

There were no further executions. The death penalty was abolished in 1970, five years before Papua New Guinea's independence from Australia. It was reintroduced in 1991, but never applied.

Aro (surname)

Aro is a Finnish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Johan Emil Aro, Finnish entomologist
  • Markku Aro, Finnish singer
  • Samuli Aro, Finnish enduro rider
  • Toivo Aro, Finnish diver

Usage examples of "aro".

The men’s long clo­aks flap­ped aro­und the­ir ank­les as they marc­hed.

Most of the eyes aro­und the tab­le fol­lo­wed Sna­pe, and it was to him that Vol­de­mort spo­ke first.

Kne­eling down be­si­de the trunk aga­in, he gro­ped aro­und in the bot­tom and, af­ter ret­ri­eving an old bad­ge that flic­ke­red fe­ebly bet­we­en SUP­PORT CED­RIC DIG­GORY and POT­TER STINKS, a crac­ked and worn-out Sne­akos­co­pe, and a gold loc­ket in­si­de which a no­te sig­ned R.

Harry la­id it asi­de and felt ca­uti­o­usly aro­und the trunk for the rest, but not­hing mo­re re­ma­ined of his god­fat­her’s last gift ex­cept pow­de­red glass, which clung to the de­epest la­yer of deb­ris li­ke glit­te­ring grit.

All aro­und him ot­her pe­op­le we­re dis­mo­un­ting from bro­oms and, in two ca­ses, ske­le­tal, black win­ged hor­ses.

The­re was a ge­ne­ral cry of gre­eting as Her­mi­one flung her arms aro­und him, Ron clap­ped him on the back, and Hag­rid sa­id, “All righ’, Harry?

If you, or an­yo­ne aro­und you, casts a spell to get you out of he­re, Thick­nes­se is go­ing to know abo­ut it, and so will the De­ath Eaters.

Stre­et­lights abo­ve him, yells aro­und him, he was clin­ging to the si­de­car for de­ar li­fe.

He ga­zed aro­und at the ap­pa­rently empty dark­ness and felt its me­na­ce.

He felt it drag his hand aro­und li­ke so­me gre­at mag­net, saw a spurt of gol­den fi­re thro­ugh his half-clo­sed eye­lids, he­ard a crack and a scre­am of fury.

We­as­ley lo­oked aro­und and sa­id, “I can’t ma­ke it grow back, not when it’s be­en re­mo­ved by Dark Ma­gic.

No­ne of them lo­oked aro­und when Harry and Ginny jo­ined the­ir si­lent vi­gil.

One arm aro­und Her­mi­one, he fis­hed in his je­ans poc­ket and withd­rew a re­vol­ting-lo­oking hand­kerc­hi­ef that he had used to cle­an out the oven ear­li­er.

A se­cond la­ter, Ron had snatc­hed his arm back from aro­und her sho­ul­ders.

Ron got back off the bed, put his arm aro­und her on­ce mo­re, and frow­ned at Harry as tho­ugh rep­ro­ac­hing him for lack of tact.