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Arnotts can refer to;

  • Arnott's Biscuits, an Australian biscuit and salted snack food company
  • Arnotts (Ireland), a department store in Dublin, Ireland
  • Arnotts (Scotland) a department store in Glasgow and group of department stores in Scotland. A trading name of House of Fraser which is no longer in use.
Arnotts (Ireland)

Arnotts is the oldest and largest department store in Dublin, Ireland. Its flagship store is located on Henry Street on the north side of the city centre.

In July 2010 Arnotts was taken over by Anglo Irish Bank and Ulster Bank due to large outstanding loans on its failed "Northern Quarter" property development.

In 2015 the store was taken over by the Selfridges Group.

Arnotts (Scotland)

Arnotts was a department store in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally a subsidiary of the Dublin department store, Arnotts, it was acquired by House of Fraser and merged with neighbouring department store Robert Simpson & Sons to trade as Arnott Simpson. Further department stores acquired by House of Fraser were re-branded as Arnott Simpson until the Arnotts trading name was adopted for the majority of the group's stores in Scotland, including one (i.e. not all) of its Edinburgh stores, on North Bridge. House of Fraser closed its last remaining Arnotts store, that in Paisley, in January 2004.