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Arne (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Arne (; ) or Melanippe (; ) was a daughter of Aeolus and Melanippe (also Hippe or Euippe), daughter of Chiron. She was born as a foal as her mother had been transformed into a horse as a disguise, but was returned to the human form and renamed Arne. Aeolus entrusted her to the care of one Desmontes, however Poseidon fathered Aeolus and Boeotus with her while he was in the form of a bull. Enraged, Desmontes entombed and blinded her and placed her twin sons on Mount Pelion. She was later rescued by her sons and married king Metapontus of Icaria, and Poseidon restored her vision.

Through Boeotus, she was the ancestress of the Boeotians. A city named after her was recorded in the Iliad's Catalogue of Ships which has been tentatively identified with the ruins of Gla.

Arne (name)

Arne is a common forename for males in Scandinavia. It also occurs as a surname in England.

The name Arne originates from the old Norse word for "eagle" – arni.

The word arne also refers to the central stone on the floor of traditional Norwegian homes upon which the fire that provides the heating/cooking needs was lit. Similarly, the word "Arne", is used in Danish for the flame in a fireplace or old-fashioned oven or stove.


'''Arné ''' is a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in southwestern France.

Usage examples of "arne".

They are still there, Tom Arder, Arne, Venturi, and are now like stones, you know, frozen stones, in the darkness.

But after half an hour he became worried, and asked Arne and Brode if either had seen which way she went.

Axis, Arne and Brode were grouped about a huddled figure on the ground.

In places, herds of gaur, bur, dang, and arne milled about in mud pools up to their thick necks, mooing and lowing at the passing humans.

She glanced at Arne, who nodded at her, then she kneed her horse forward.

A tall, slender, pink-cheeked sergeant with pale hair and a much darker mustache: Arne Palin, two years behind Stadic at Central High.

The large number of settings of the 18th century, by such men as Arne, though interesting musically, have nothing whatever to do with the student of Shakespeare and the circumstances of his time.

However, when the polygrapher, Norm Matzke, started to attach the leads of the machine that would register blood pressure, respiration, galvanic skin response, and heart rate, he could see that Arne Kaarsten was much too nervous and emotionally upset for his responses to be registered and evaluated accurately.

Betsy Sherve led Jeff and Arnie Selmo in, Jeff constantly having to restrain himself from offering to help Arne on his crutches.

Arne enough rums and beers, and the local women whirred about him like hummingbirds.

Bay of Whales 178 The First Dog-camp 180 Reproduced by permission of the Illustrated London News Digging the Foundations of Framheim 184 Reproduced by permission of the Illustrated London News Building the Hut 186 Unloading the Six Sledge-drivers 186 Polar Transport 192 Reproduced by permission of the Illustrated London News Penguins 192 The Provision Store 192 Framheim, January, 1911 194 Reproduced by permission of the Illustrated London News Suggen, Arne, and the Colonel 196 Mikkel, Ravn, and Mas-mas 196 Framheim, February, 1911 206 Prestrud in Winter Dress 208 Bjaaland in Winter Dress 208 Page 8 Amundsen, Ronald - The South Pole, Vol.

It was eleven days since they had entered the eastern end of the Pass, and five since Belial had ordered they set up camp and sent Arne, the most experienced unit commander Belial still had with him, and a small number of men to scout Sigholt and its environs.

So now here he sat, anxiously awaiting the return of Arne and his men, the bulk of his army lying half a league behind, as anxious as Belial was.

Even Belial, one of the best archers Arne had ever known, would find it hard to match her.

Indeed, FarSight and his two senior Crest-LeadersHoverEye Black Wing and SpreadWing RavenCryhad been included in Belial s inner circle on an equal footing with Magariz, Arne and Azhure.