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Arnautović is a Serbo-Croatian surname, borne by ethnic Serbs, and to a lesser extent Bosniaks, derived from the word " Arnaut", an Ottoman term used to denote Albanians or people from Albania; though in Serbo-Croatian usage, the word Arnaut(in) was also used as a pejorative, meaning "evil", "malicious" and "murderous", used as a nickname - for instance, Serbian families got this surname from an ancestor who was a murderer and was nicknamed "Arnautin". It was also simply given to Serb immigrants from Albanian-inhabited areas (arnautluk), or from near Albanian-inhabited areas. A Jovan Radić, a Serb, is recorded with the byname Arnautović in 1682. At least 254 individuals with the surname died at the Jasenovac concentration camp.

It may refer to:

  • Marko Arnautović (born 1989), Austrian football player
  • Ilija Arnautović (1924–2009), Yugoslav and Serbian architect
  • Zlatan Arnautović (born 1956), Yugoslav handball player
  • Tijana Arnautović (born 1986), Miss World Canada 2004