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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arnaut \Ar*naut"\ ||Arnaout \Ar*naout"\, n. [Turk. Arnaut, fr. NGr. ?, for ?.] An inhabitant of Albania and neighboring mountainous regions, specif. one serving as a soldier in the Turkish army.

Usage examples of "arnaout".

Though they have some cavalry among the Gedges, I never saw a good Arnaout horseman, but on foot they are never to be subdued.

Romaic, Arnaout, Turkish, Italian, and English were all exercised, in various conceits, upon the unfortunate Mussulman.

Of the inhabitants of Albania--the Arnaouts or Albanese--Lord Byron says they reminded him strongly of the Highlanders of Scotland, whom they undoubtedly resemble in dress, figure, and manner of living.

Dervish became a soothsayer for life, and I dare say is now hearing more musketry than ever will be fired, to the great refreshment of the Arnaouts of Berat and his native mountains.