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Could not find any definition of word "arled"

Usage examples of "arled".

Grimmer grew the picture,  deadlier every forsaken  aspect of that gnarled old planet.

He snarled at Blangan, who reeled back in shock, then shook Cornelia again.

He snarled, unexpectedly, viciously, and I jumped, breaking the contact between him and me.

She rested her hands on his shoulders as she slid down, and smiled her thanks, then took his hand in hers, and led him to the foot of the tree, deep beneath its gnarled, twisting branches.

She snarled at a sibling who attempted to steal her lunch and settled down to devour the sheep with dainty greed.

Her old, gnarled fingers caressed the flat face as a maiden might her lover's cheek.

The old man rocked gently back and forth, gnarled fingers laced together over his lean chest.

Past sixty, his gray hair was thin and his fingers were gnarled and stiff.

But when he got closer, the dragon unfurled a wing over the trembling girl and snarled at him.

Azhdeen rumbled deep in his chest, then snarled loudly enough to make Lainian jump.