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Then we, Arle Steelsoul and I, would organize the other guilds in Romney and the surrounding villages to stand against the Riverpullers.

There were two approaches to the heart of Arles from the Place Lamartine.

The country around Arles is the most torn, desperately lashed section in Provence.

Vincent could not get anything to eat, for nearly everyone in Arles ate at home.

He knew that there were houses in Arles, but they were mostly five-franc places patronized by the Zouaves, negroes brought to Arles to be trained for the French army.

The autumn garden was a two hour walk from Arles, on the road to Tarascon.

Felix Rey, young interne of the hospital of Arles, was a short, thickset man with an octagonal head and a weed of black hair shooting up from the top of the octagon.

They felt the slow, painful growth of the artist, the fumbling toward maturity of expression, the upheaval that had taken place in Paris, the passionate outburst of his powerful voice in Arles, which caught up all the strands of his years of labour.

He was amused to find, when he finished, that the portrait resembled the one he had done of himself in Arles, before Gauguin arrived.

He had known that, in Arles, the very first time, but he had been unable to make the clean break.

There are only two hotels worthy of the name in Arles, and the coincidence of meeting again was of the very slightest.

Elaine had no intentions whatever of following the man who had left Arles with such boorish brusqueness, without even the conventional good-bye at the breakfast-table.

You dallied for a day or two at Arles, getting this woman to write a lying letter to your wife saying that you were down with fever.

I was wandering about the dark, narrow lanes of Arles when a half-drunken peasant tried to attack me.

Raoul-technology skin, and they reached respectfully to stroke the gleaming egg-shaped Memory that Arles held in his hand.