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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arkite \Ark"ite\, a. Belonging to the ark. [R.]

Usage examples of "arkite".

At all events, there can be no doubt that the Arkite theorists have exaggerated the importance and extent of these views beyond all tolerable bounds, and even to absurdity.

We hold the Arkite theory to be arbitrary in general, unsupported by proofs, and inconsistent in detail, unable to meet the points presented.

It seems altogether likely that what Bryant and his coadjutors have constructed into the Arkite system of interpretation was really but an emblematic showing forth of a natural doctrine of human life and death and future fate.

Thirdly, the defenders of the Arkite theory are driven into gross inconsistencies with themselves by the falsity of their views.

Faber argues, from the very close similarity of all the differently named Mysteries, that they were all Arkite, all derived from one mass of traditions reaching from Noah and embodying his history.

Even the most prejudiced advocates of the Arkite theory 42 Procopius, in his History of the Gothic War, mentions a curious popular British superstition concerning the ferriage of souls among the neighboring islands at midnight.

With Druidical religious rites were blended Arkite and Sabian superstition.