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Arjun may refer to:

  • Arjun (name), an Indian male given name (including a list of persons with the name)
Arjun (2004 film)

Arjun is a 2004 Telugu action drama written and directed by Gunasekhar. The film starred Mahesh Babu, Shriya Saran, Keerthi Reddy, Raja Abel, Prakashraj, Saritha and Murali Mohan. Upon release the film became a moderate hit at the box office, with Mahesh babu receiving the Nandi Special Jury Award. The film was screened at the International Film Festival of India in the mainstream section. dubbed in Hindi as maidan-e-jung.

Arjun (tank)

The Arjun ( Sanskrit: अर्जुन, in Classical Sanskrit and in Hindi) is a third generation main battle tank developed by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), for the Indian Army. The tank is named after Arjun, the main protagonist, an archer prince of the Indian epic Mahabharata.

The Arjun features a 120 mm main rifled gun with indigenously developed armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot ammunition, one PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, and a NSVT 12.7 mm machine gun. It is powered by a single MTU multi-fuel diesel engine rated at 1,400 hp, and can achieve a maximum speed of and a cross-country speed of . It has a four-man crew: commander, gunner, loader and driver. Automatic fire detection and suppression and NBC protection systems are included. All-round anti-tank warhead protection by the newly developed Kanchan armour is claimed to be much higher than available in comparable third generation tanks.

Subsequently delays and other problems in its development from the 1990s to the 2000s prompted the Indian Army to order T-90S tanks from Russia to meet requirements that the Arjun had been expected to fulfill.

In March 2010, the Arjun was pitted against the T-90 in comparative trials and performed well. The Army placed an order for an additional 124 Arjun Mk-I tanks on 17 May 2010 and 124 Arjun Mk-II Tanks on 9 August 2010.

The Arjun entered service with the Indian Army in 2004. The tanks were first inducted into the 43 Armoured Regiment, Indian Army Armoured Corps while the latest induction has been into the 75 Armoured Regiment on 12 March 2011.

Arjun (1985 film)

Arjun is a 1985 Indian action drama movie directed by Rahul Rawail and starring Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia in pivotal roles.The film was a success and was declared as a 'Hit' by the box office. The film was later remade in Tamil as Sathya starring Kamal Haasan, in Telugu as Bharatamlo Arjunudu with Venkatesh and in Kannada as Sangrama with Ravichandran.

The film is about a person named Arjun (Sunny Deol) who is in need of a job. He has a group of friends, who unknowingly get involved in small problems faced by poor people and come to be recognized as Robin Hood types. Arjun's father (A.K. Hangal) is a simple man and has surrendered to living a poor man's life without confronting the problems faced. His wife Shashi Kala is his second wife who does not like Arjun. He gets used by political people for their selfish purposes.

Arjun (Firoz Khan)

Arjun (born Firoz Khan) is an Indian actor, best known for playing the mythological hero character of Arjun in B. R. Chopra's television serialisation of the ancient Indian epic work, the Mahabharata. His success in that production, which was called Mahabharat, caused him to change his name to that of the character whom he portrayed. He has also acted in a number of Hindi language Bollywood movies.

He is an alumnus of Smt. MMK College of Commerce and Economics.

Arjun (TV series)

Arjun was an Indian action crime fiction TV series which aired on Star Plus from 11 August 2012 through 23 February 2014 on Saturday and Sunday evenings. DNA India said that it has good action scenes, but Malhotra was "a little stiff".

Arjun (name)

Arjun ( Devanagari: अर्जुन , Hindi pronunciation: ) is an Indian male given name, based on Arjuna, a legendary hero who is an archer in central character of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. Arjuna had four other brothers, who were Yudhishthira, Bhima, Nakula, Sahadeva, and Karna. Their father Pandu had a curse that he would die if he ever approached a woman with the intent of making love because he unintentionally killed a sage and his wife.

Arjun (2011 film)

Arjun is a 2011 ( Marathi अर्जुन ) Indian film released on 16 September 2011 by Cinematics. It was written, directed and produced by F. M. Ilyas along with A. M. Burondkar.

Arjun (character)

Arjun is a fictional young detective from Jalpaiguri created by Samaresh Majumdar in 1983. One of the novels was adapted into Arjun – Kalimpong E Sitaharan.

Arjun (singer)

Arjun Kumaraswamy ( Tamil: அர்ஜூன் குமாரசுவாமி) known by his stage name Arjun is a British singer-songwriter, record producer and actor born in Colombo , Sri Lanka. He is a Sri Lankan Tamil. He gained fame through his online musical performances.

Arjun Kumaraswamy, a Tamil particularly became popular by following an R&B cover version of " Why This Kolaveri Di" which was uploaded on YouTube in December 2011 receiving 9 million views by April 2013.

Arjun won Best Urban Act at the 2012 UK Asian Music Awards. Arjun is playing the role of Luke Lewis in new online drama "Steffi". Arjun was later chosen by Anirudh Ravichander to perform a song in the movie Vanakkam Chennai.

Usage examples of "arjun".

The rivalry between Arjun and Karna is the leading thought of the Epic, as the rivalry between Achilles and Hector is the leading thought of the Iliad.

Yudhishthir was the son of Dharma or Virtue, Bhima of Vayu or Wind, Arjun of Indra or Rain-god, the twin youngest were the sons of the Aswin twins, and Karna was the son of Surya the Sun, but was believed by himself and by all others to be the son of a simple chariot-driver.

Notwithstanding the legend, therefore, Draupadi might be regarded as wedded to Yudhishthir, though won by the skill of Arjun, and this assumption would be in keeping with Hindu customs and laws, ancient and modern.

Vyasa came to visit Yudhishthir, and advised Arjun, great archer as he was, to acquire celestial arms by penance and worship.

For Arjun, who was so well known, a stricter concealment was necessary.

The disguised Arjun now came to the rescue in the manner described in this Book.

Krishna joined him as his friend and adviser, and as the charioteer of Arjun, but the Vrishnis as a nation had joined Duryodhan.

For five days Drona held his own against the Pandavs, and some of the incidents of these days, like the fall of Abhimanyu and the vengeance of Arjun, are among the most stirring passages in the Epic.

The great contest between Karna and Arjun, long expected and long deferred, came on at last.

With a truer artistic skill than that of Homer, the Indian poet represents Karna as equal to Arjun in strength and skill, and his defeat is only due to an accident.

Wherever the horse was stopped, Arjun fought and conquered, and thus proclaimed the supremacy of Yudhishthir over all neighbouring potentates.

After various wars and adventures in various regions, Arjun at last returned victorious with the steed to Hastinapura, and the sacrifice commenced.

On hearing of the death of their friend Krishna, the Pandav brothers place Prakshit, the grandson of Arjun, on the throne, and retire to the Himalayas.

Draupadi drops down dead on the way, then Sahadeva, then Nakula, then Arjun, and then Bhima.

Last comes the crowning event of the Epic, the final contest between Arjun and Karna, the heroes of the Epic, and the war ends in a midnight slaughter and the death of Duryodhan.