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Arita may refer to:

  • Arita (surname)
  • Arita, Saga, a town in Saga Prefecture, Japan
  • Arita (porcelain), a kind of Japanese porcelain
  • A brand name from Ritek
  • Arita (skipper), a genus of butterflies in the grass skipper family
  • A red berry mentioned in The Blue Lagoon (novel)
Arita (skipper)

Arita is a genus of skippers in the family Hesperiidae.

Arita (surname)

Arita (written: 有田) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • , Japanese politician and diplomat

  • , Japanese footballer

  • , Japanese photographer

Usage examples of "arita".

The eyes of an Arita dragon peered at her from a center dish in a nearby display, while crowded between oil jars and ivory candle lamps, snuff and Cizhou bottles, wineglasses, vases, and silver spoons, stood the imperious form of Zhenwu, the Daoist God of the North.