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Now, of course, she knew much more: what had happened around Lascaille's Shroud, and how Carine Lefevre's death was not the clear-cut thing he had made it seem upon his return to Yellowstone.

After Carine Lefevre was killed, and before he regained consciousness, something had happened.

There was nothing about this woman that would make her stand out in any normal bar, but here her very ordinariness would have the same effect.

It wasn't Carine Lefevre's transform that began to break down when we were close to the Shroud.

He forgot about Lascaille's Shroud, forgot Carine, forgot his own part in whatever had become of her.

Perhaps he found Carine Lefevre drifting near Lascaille's Shroud -- he might have been looking to salvage something from the wreckage of the SISS facility -- and then rescued her and took her back to Yellowstone.

Volyova said she was sent here by someone who might have been Carine Lefevre.

But now this woman – Khouri -- says that she has been sent by someone who might have been Carine Lefevre, and that she's been sent to kill me because of what I might do.

Two morsels of drifting marine food, he thought, about to be sucked into the enormous waiting funnel of the bridgehead, digested into the heart of Cerberus.

The fact that a lawyer had produced such a neat piece of marine engineering in his spare time was not in the least unusual.

After a brief chase, the "Pompano" drew within fifty feet of the "Valency," and Harry felt rather like a submarine commander about to launch a torpedo.

I'm going to answer you, and I'm going to show you that I'm not passionately interested in marine propulsion.

He turned to Harry's friend and said: "George—what about taking the Professor down in your submarine to have a look at the works?

He'd been working as technical advisor on a film about the exploits of the submarine service when he was approached one day with a very peculiar proposition.

He got together some of his old crew, swore them to secrecy, and after much waiting in Washington corridors managed to obtain temporary loan of an obsolete submarine.