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Arin may refer to:

  • Arin, Armenia, a town in Armenia
  • Arin language, an extinct Yeniseic language
  • Arin River, a tributary of the Someşul Mare River in Romania
  • Ujjain, an Indian city used as the center of ancient and medieval world maps, which was corrupted in Latin as Arin
  • Arin Gilliland (born 1992), American soccer player
  • Arin Hanson (born 1987), American internet personality, voice actor, songwriter, rapper, animator, and cartoonist
  • Arin Paul (born 1980), Indian director and writer of Bengali films
  • Arın Soğancıoğlu (born 1987), Turkish basketball player
  • Suha Arın (1942-2004), Turkish film director, writer, producer and educator

Usage examples of "arin".

It would have been easier just to cage her in back like a dog, but Arin refused to do that to her.

Mander had suggested a dog-pack so Lyka could take some of the load, but Arin had vetoed it.

As he walked up the meadow trail the next morning, Lyka by his side, Arin was being observed through a powerful pair of binoculars from a rocky slope half a mile to the south of them.

For a few moments that are eternity, Arin knows what it would be like to be cut off from the earth, Her forever dead, himself alone.

Mander took one look and quickly retreated, and Arin could hear him being very, very sick outside.

Here, despite the fees, a hardworking family could prosper, as his had, with one brother tenanting his own cottage, and Arin soon to marry.