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n. (plural of aria English)


Arie is a masculine given name. As a Dutch name (pronounced ) it is generally a short form of Adrianus, but sometimes also of Arnoud/Arend or even Aaron. As an Israeli name (pronounced ) it is usually a spelling variant of Arieh / Aryeh.

People with the name include:

  • Arie Alter (born 1961), Israeli footballer
  • Arie Altman (1902–1982), Israeli politician (Aryeh)
  • Arie Aroch (1908–1974), Israeli painter
  • Arie van Beek (born 1951), Dutch music teacher and conductor
  • Arie Belldegrun (born 1949), Israeli-American urologic oncologist (Aryeh)
  • Arie Bieshaar (1899–1965), Dutch footballer (Adrianus)
  • Arie Bodek (born 1947), American experimental particle physicist and professor
  • Arie van den Brand (born 1951), Dutch GreenLeft politician
  • Arie van de Bunt (born 1969), Dutch water polo player (Arend)
  • Arie van Deursen (1931–2011), Dutch historian
  • Arie Dvoretzky (1918–2008), Russian-born Israeli mathematician (Aryeh)
  • Arie Freiberg, Australian legal academic
  • Arie de Geus (born 1930), Dutch business executive at Royal Dutch/Shell
  • Arie de Graaf (1939–1995), Dutch track cyclist
  • Arie de Graaf (born 1947), Dutch politician
  • Arie Nicolaas Habermann (1932–1993), Dutch computer scientist
  • Arie Jan Haagen-Smit (1900–1977), Dutch chemist (Adrianus)
  • Arie Haan (born 1948), Dutch football player and coach (Arend)
  • Arie den Hartog (born 1941), Dutch road bicycle racer
  • Arie Hassink (born 1950), Dutch road bicycle racer (Arend)
  • Arie Haviv (born 1956), Israeli footballer
  • Arie Heijkoop (1883–1929), Dutch politician
  • Arie Hershkowitz, Israeli urban planner and political scientist
  • Arie van Houwelingen (born 1931), Dutch bicycle racer
  • Arie Itman, Canadian heavy metal singer and guitarist
  • Arie de Jong (1882–1966), Dutch fencer (Adrianus)
  • Arie E. Kaufman (born 1948), American computer scientist
  • Arie W. Kruglanski (born 1939), American social psychologist
  • Arie Andries Kruithof (1909–1993), Dutch physicist
  • Arie Frederik Lasut (1909–1993), Indonesian geologist and revolutionary
  • Arie van Lent (born 1970), Dutch-German former footballer
  • Arie Lamme (1748–1801), Dutch landscape painter and poet
  • Arie Loef (born 1969), Dutch retired speed skater
  • Arie Luyendyk (born 1953), Dutch auto racing driver
  • Arie Luyendyk, Jr. (born 1981), Dutch auto racing driver; son of the above
  • Arie Machnes (born 1921), Israeli footballer
  • Arie Maliniak (born 1949), Israeli basketball player and coach
  • Arie van Os (born 1937), Dutch businessman and financial director
  • Arie Pais (born 1930), Dutch politician and economist (Aäron)
  • Arie Posin (born ca. 1972), Israeli-born American film director and screenwriter
  • Arie Radler (born 1943), Israeli footballer and manager
  • Arie Zeev Raskin (born 1976), Chief Rabbi of Cyprus
  • Arie Rip (born 1941), Dutch social scientist
  • Arie Schans (born 1953), Dutch football manager
  • Arie Selinger (born 1937), Israeli volleyball coach (Aryeh)
  • Arie Shapira (born 1943), Israeli composer and music researcher
  • Arie Slob (born 1961), Dutch politician
  • Arie Smit (born 1916), Dutch-born Indonesian painter (Adrianus)
  • Arie van der Stel (1894–1986), Dutch cyclist
  • Arie Supriyatna (born 1984), Indonesian footballer
  • Arie Van de Moortel (1918–1976), Belgian violist and composer
  • Arie Vardi (born 1937), Israeli classical pianist
  • Arie van der Velden (1881–1967), Dutch sailor
  • Arie Vermeer (1922–2013), Dutch footballer (Adrianus)
  • Arie Verveen (born 1976), Irish actor
  • Arie van Vliet (1916–2001), Dutch cyclist and 1936 Olympic champion
  • Arie de Vois (1632–1680), Dutch Golden Age painter
  • Arie Vosbergen (1882–1918), Dutch middle and long distance runner
  • Arie de Vroet (1918–1999), Dutch footballer
  • Arie Wilner nom de guerre of Izrael Chaim Wilner (1916–1943), Polish-Jewish resistance fighter
  • Arie de Winter (born 1913), Dutch footballer (Adrianus)
  • Arie Zwart (1903–1981), Dutch painter (Adrianus)
Arie (film)

Arie ( Russian:"Арье") is a 2004 Russian film by Roman Kachanov, a story of Russian and Jewish life.

Arie (disambiguation)

Arie is a masculine given name.

Arie may also refer to:

  • Arie, Nagasaki, Japan, a town that was merged with others to form the city of Minamishimabara
  • Arie River, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
  • Arie (film), a 2004 Russian film
  • plural of aria
  • Mark Arie (1882-1958), American sports shooter and double Olympic champion
  • Raffaele Arié (1920-1988), Bulgarian operatic bass
Arie (singer)

Arie (born Kim Hyo-shin on August 6, 1985) is South Korean singer. She is leader and member of idol rock band Arie Band, and member of project groups P.O.M (Pair of magnetar) and 나누미7일짱. Her father is Kim Sung-il, CEO of record label Garnet Entertainment.

Usage examples of "arie".

In my judgment, Arie Hague is the one person beside myself who I'm certain understands the physics involved well enough to have invented the Belt antimatter process.

A scientist named Arie Hague pointed out that for any spherical gravitating body there's one unique distance from the center where my field equations don't seem to work at all.

Now he was designing equivalent machinery out of garden variety Solar Union technology.

As best the System Patrol could figure out, Arie Hague had been born in the Belt, but no one knew exactly where.

Chris wants Arie to consider what would happen if two hyperdrive engines were operated close to each other.

I know you taught Arie how to do the math, but I don't think he really understands the physical principles involved.

In that instant Sammi thought he looked solemn, thought she caught a glimpse of the Arie Hague that could have been had he not been caged by the cross-circuitry of autism.

Every time I walk into the dry dock I find the trinity of Chris, Arie and Rick clustered around something and talking in that technical lingo of theirs.

It had essentially been a daily thing for Dykstra in the past few weeks to pay Arie and his pets a visit.

Dykstra said, "Here we are worrying about the future of humanity, and Arie finds time to see what the squirrels are up to.

To make money I'd find people with broken tools and offer to get them fixed better than new for a price, then I'd bring the tools back to where Arie and I were holed up, he'd fix them, and then we'd be okay for a while.

But finally one guy found us, and ultimately Arie was left with old Professor Kirk and I went on to Earth.

Once Knoedler had found out what Arie had been doing, he'd had the savant listening to every piece of possible Phinon ship-to-ship chatter that the Patrol had been able to gather.

It was also at these last two satellites that the Belter dignitaries with their tiny rock hopper spaceboats (ships too small to set out into the Solar System proper) were supposed to congregate.

She had wearied of pacing and Dykstra had summoned another chair for her so she could sit beside him as they watched the unfolding final Phinon encounters on the screen.