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Ariana (disambiguation)

Ariana was a region of the eastern countries of the Persian Empire.

Ariana may also refer to:

  • Ariana (name)
Ariana (name)

Ariana is a feminine Persian name and stands for the land of Aryans. Arianna and Ariane are the two most common variations.

Ariana (beer)

Ariana is a Bulgarian beer brand, produced by the Zagorka Brewery since 2004. The company was established in 1884, and for most of its history was brewed at the Ariana Brewery in central Sofia. It was bought by Heineken in 1997 and currently has four brands – Ariana Light (5% ABV), Ariana Dark (5.5% ABV) and two citrus-flavoured brands – Ariana Radler lemon and grapefruit (1.8% ABV, available only in summer).


Ariana, the Latinized form of the Ancient GreekAr(e)ianē (inhabitants: ; Ar(e)ianoi), was a general geographical term used by some Greek and Roman authors of the ancient period for a district of wide extent between Central Asia and the Indus River, comprehending the eastern provinces of the Achaemenid Empire that covered the whole country of modern day Afghanistan, and a few parts of India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

At various times, various parts of the region were governed by the Persians (the Achaemenids from 550 to 330 BC, the Sasanians from 275 to 650 AD and the Indo-Sasanians from 345 to 450 AD), the Macedonians (the Seleucids from 330 to 250 BC, the Greco-Bactrians from 250 to 110 BC and the Indo-Greeks from 155 to 90 BC), Iranian peoples from Persia and Central Asia (the Parthians from 160 BC to 225 AD, the Indo-Scythians from 90 BC to 20 AD, the Indo-Parthians from 20 to 225 AD and the Kushans from 110 BC to 225 AD), the Xionites (the Kidarites from 360 to 465 AD and the Hephthalites from 450 to 565 AD) and Indian empires (the Mauryans from 275 to 185 BC).

Ariana (actress)

Ariana (born November 3, 1958) is an American former pornographic actress.