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Arhal is a village in Shimla district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a located near the town of Rohru and is about away from Shimla and 8 km from Rohru. On 1–3 January 2016, there was the celebration of the festival Shaant Maha Yagya of Devi jaga mata of Arhal which came after 47 years. Nature has bless the valley of Arhal with natural beauty and natural sites. The topographic location of Arhal is also very scenic.

The panchayat of three villages Batari, Sharog and Arhal is called Arhal panchyat. There are about 2500 voters in Arhal panchyat. It is one of the biggest panchyats of the tehsil Rohru. In ancient times people of Arhal were treated as the most brave and united people of the region. These days also the unity and bravery of Arhal natives is also known.