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ARH may refer to:

  • ARH, the United States Navy hull classification symbol for "heavy-hull repair ship"
  • Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
  • Autosomal recessive hypercholesterolemia
  • The ARH gene
  • Arkhangelsk Airport
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health
  • Advanced Rifle Handling - A course designed specifically for Field Guides in South Africa by the Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA). Comprises 6 exercises which must all be passed for a Field Guide to be able to walk guests through dangerous game country.
  • Always Raining Here - A web-comic by Hazel and Bell

Usage examples of "arh".

Urruah said to Arhu, "knowing her, is probably explaining to Queen Iau that she thinks the entire structure of physical reality needs a serious reweave: so you'd better get on with this before she talks the One into it, and the Universe dissolves out from under us.

He paused as Arhu leaned in to bite the strings that he was having trouble managing with his paws, "—and then the five strictly physical fields of motion.

That was Urruah's teaching style, though, and it seemed to work with Arhu.

Urruah said: but Arhu turned back to the gateweave and began hooking his claws into it again, in careful sequence.

They watched Arhu reconstruct the active matrix, and pull out the strings again, two pawsful of them: then he leaned in and carefully began taking hold of the next groups with his teeth, pulling them down one by one to join the ones already in his claws.

Rhiow said, waving her tail in casual assent, and Arhu sat up on his haunches again and hooked his claws into the control matrix, while Rhiow looked thoughtfully for a moment more at that old tower.

Life had just begun to be getting a little settled again, after the craziness of the late summer, after the desperate intervention in which they had all been involved in the Old Downside, in which Arhu gained his wizardry and Saash lost hers, or rather took it up in a more profound version after her ninth death—though either way she was lost to the team now.

Saash had been a gate technician of great skill, and Arhu was primarily a visionary, gifted at seeing beyond present realities into those past or yet to come.

That talent was still steadying down, as it might take some years yet to do: and it would take a lot of training yet before Arhu was anything like the gating technician that Saash had been.

Urruah followed at his own pace: Arhu leapt and ran to catch up with her.

Oh," Arhu said, and abruptly sat down right by the wall and became very quiet.

Had his tendencies as a visionary not already revealed themselves, Rhiow would have thought that Arhu was destined to be like Urruah, a "power source", the battery or engine of a spell which others might construct and work, but which he would fuel and drive.

It was Arhu's inescapable curiosity, notable even for a cat, which kept his wizardry fretting and fraying at the fabric of linear time until it "wore through" and some image from future or past leaked out.

Humans could not see into that neighboring universe where cats went when sidled and in which string structure was obvious, but she could just make out Arhu's little black-and-white shape, trailing radiance from passing resonated hyperstrings as he ran.

It was open on London, set for nonpatency and a nonvisible matrix on the far side: this side would have been invisible to her, too, except that she could see where Arhu had carefully laid in the "graphic" Speech-form of her name, and Urruah's and his own, in the portion of the spell matrix which controlled selective visibility and patency configurations.