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In Greek mythology, the name Arge may refer to:

  • Arge, a huntress. When she was pursuing a stag, she boasted that she would catch up with the animal even if it ran as fast as the chariot of Helios. The sun god, offended by her words, changed her into a doe.
  • Arge, one of the two maidens from Hyperborea (the other one being Opis), who came to Delos together with Apollo and Artemis and received honors from the Delians till the end of their lives.
  • Arge, a nymph from Lyctus, Crete. She was abducted by Zeus and brought by him to Mount Argyllus in Egypt, where she gave birth to a son, Dionysus. This version of the story of Dionysus' birth is only found in Pseudo-Plutarch's On Rivers.
  • Arge, one of Actaeon's dogs.
Arge (genus)

Arge is a genus of sawflies belonging to the family Argidae subfamily Arginae.