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init. 1 Acute renal failure. 2 (context electronics English) Analog radio frequency. 3 (context computing English) "Abort, Retry, Fail?"


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Usage examples of "arf".

He stamped twice upon mosaicked stones between two of the pillars, and a screen rolled aside, revealing an immense hall scattered about with low divans on which lolled a dozen or more of the dwarfish men, dressed identically as he.

When I left home I was wrapped in a quilted down-filled coat, cashmere Burberry scarf, fleece-lined boots, and heavy-duty shearling mittens.

I peered through the stone and instantly there leaped into sight, out of thin air--six grinning dwarfs!

On arrival, I'd crammed the scarf and mittens into the medium-size duffel bag that hung from my shoulder, wrapped my coat around the duffel bag handle, and went in search of the taxi stand.

It was reminiscent, Hitch thought, of the red giants of classical New England (not to be confused with the blue dwarfs of contemporary farming), but subtly different.

Economically it functioned well, and it would probably never have runaway inflation or population increase or class warfare.

There was potentially valuable real estate in this system and Earth wanted to hold a lease on it so that other starfaring creatures would stay clear, but it would be years before proper development occurred.

They were dwarfed--none of them more than five feet high, prodigiously broad of shoulder, clearly enormously powerful.

The dwarf's face was as white as Olaf's--far whiter than those of the other three of us.

We entered, the green dwarf behind us, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the doorway fade as abruptly as it had appeared and again the dense shadow fill its place.

A f ew inches taller than the green dwarf, he was far broader, more filled with the suggestion of appalling strength.

All the mockery, the malice, the hint of callous indifference that I had noted in the other dwarfish men were there, too--but intensified, touched with the satanic.

The red dwarf stared at the Russian, and there was amazement upon his face.

The green dwarf quickly clothed himself and Larry rather carefully donned his uni form.

The red dwarf watched me with unmistakable amusement--and I knew Marakinoff had told him.