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Areum may refer to:

  • Areum (name)
  • Areum-dong
Areum (name)

Areum, also spelled Ah-reum, is a Korean given name. Unlike most Korean given names, which are composed of two single-syllable Sino-Korean morphemes each written with one hanja, Areum is an indigenous Korean name , a single two-syllable word meaning "beauty". It is one of a number of such native names, along with others such as Ha-neul ("sky"), Seul-ki ("wisdom"), and Sora (" conch shell") that have become more popular in South Korea in recent decades.

People with this name include:

  • Han A-leum (born 1988), South Korean gymnast
  • Hong Ah-reum (born 1989), South Korean actress
  • Na Ah-reum (born 1990), South Korean road bicycle racer
  • Noh Ah-reum (born 1991), South Korean track speed skater
  • Lee Areum (born 1994), South Korean idol singer
  • Shannon Arrum Williams (born 1998), British-born South Korean idol singer