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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aret \A*ret"\, v. t. [OE. aretten, OF. areter; a (L. ad) + OF. reter, L. reputare. See Repute.] To reckon; to ascribe; to impute. [Obs.]


vb. (context obsolete English) To impute (something) as a fault (term to English) or (term upon English) someone.


Aret or ARET can refer to:

  • Aret, Iran, a village in Kermanshah Province, Iran
  • Dragon's Mouth, plant
  • Accelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics, government program

Usage examples of "aret".

I wonder where they come from… And such odd names - Johngrime's, Margaretlazenby.

And yet… Margaretlazenby, suddenly conscious of his stare, blushed, then returned his gaze in a cool, appraising manner that, fantastically, brought the blood flooding to the skin of his own face.

At first we thought that your Margaretlazenby was deformed - on this world, of course, he would have been exposed immediately after birth - and then you told us that you have a mixed crew.

Roughly half of the figures were human - and the rest of them were like this m y sterious Mar g aretlazenby.

I have heard you call this Margaretlazenby by his rank and profession, with the first part of his name missing.

Some of our nicknames are curtailments, like Margie or Margo for Margaret.

He, Grimes and Mar g aret L azenby were in the back seat of the car, with the Arcadian (it was as g ood a label as any) sitting between the two humans.

When Margaret Lazenby leaned across him to look at a medusa tree swarming with harpies, he realized that those peculiar fleshy mounds, which even the severe uniform could not hide, were deliciously soft.

It should be as phony as all hell, but it's not," Margaret Lazenby told him.

He realized, with disapproval, that John Grimes and Margaret Lazenby were talking in low voices.

But, Brasidus noted, there was more than curiosity on the faces of the scarlet-robed doctors as they regarded Margaret Lazenby.

She" - he pointed an accusing finger at Margaret Lazenby - "exhibits them.

I t is expedient," said Margaret Lazenby bitterly, "that one man should die for the good of the people.

Not physically, " remarked Margaret Lazenby nastily, and then it was the Sergeant's turn to lapse into a sulky silence, one that remained unbroken all the rest of the way to the ship.

This Margaret Lazenby wishes to make a sightseeing trip, and she especially asked for you as her escort.