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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arest \A*rest"\, n. A support for the spear when couched for the attack. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "arest".

I opted for helping drag the nearest corpses outside the ring of wagons.

I was still finding it hard to see how he and Arest managed to work together so well, given the contrast between the commander’s uncompromising use of his authority to achieve things and the way Lessay accomplished his results with good-humored jokes and encouragement.

Heads turned all around and a voice called out from the wall walk, the sentry quickly reassured by Arest.

You and Shiv, take the boat, take ’Sar and as many troops as Arest can spare you.

They had ba­rely jo­ined the ne­arest one when a vo­ice sa­id, “Cat­ter­mo­le!

Her­mi­one had not pac­ked any fo­od in her ma­gi­cal bag, as she had as­su­med that they wo­uld be re­tur­ning to Grim­ma­uld Pla­ce that night, so they had had not­hing to eat ex­cept so­me wild mush­ro­oms that Her­mi­one had col­lec­ted from amongst the ne­arest tre­es and ste­wed in a Bil­lycan.

Now, ho­we­ver, was not the mo­ment to cast do­ubt on Her­mi­one’s the­ory, not when she was so surp­ri­singly wil­ling to fall in with Harry’s de­arest wish.

Ke­eping his hand clo­sed tightly on the wand in his jac­ket poc­ket, Harry mo­ved to­ward the ne­arest gra­ve.

A sing­le cob­web stretc­hed over the ne­arest win­dow ac­ross the blo­od­red sky.

He pul­led him­self up no the ne­arest cha­ir, lo­oked aro­und thro­ugh lop­si­ded horn-rim­med glas­ses, and sa­id, “Am I too la­te?

Closer to, tree-clad hills hunched defiant shoulders beneath the infinite blue skies, steep bulwarks drawn up close beneath serried spines grudging the barest suggestion of a beach to the all-encompassing seas.

His hair was shadow darker than those rarest of nights when lesser and greater moons both quit the sky for mysteries of their own.

The grey stone cut into the land like a knife blade, shallow enough to step up nearest the hargeard but rising into the distance until it reached five and six times the height of a man.

A shadow caught my eye and as I looked through the yellowed membranes of the nearest window, several furtive figures passed between the blurred outlines of the house and outbuildings.

We didn't bother with the ladders, each grabbing a braided leather rope and sliding through the nearest trap to the floor below.