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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Areolate \A*re"o*late\, Areolated \A*re"o*la*ted\, a. [L. areola: cf. F. ar['e]ole.] Divided into small spaces or areolations, as the wings of insects, the leaves of plants, or the receptacle of compound flowers.


a. 1 Having areolas 2 (context biology mycology English) Having a pattern of block-like areas similar to cracked dried mud.


adj. relating to or like or divided into areolae; "areolar tissue" [syn: areolar]


Areolate lichens are crustose lichens (that is, lichens that grow like a crust of paint) that appear to be broken up into somewhat polygonal pieces like old cracked paint. The pieces are called aereolas (areaeolae). The appearance is similar to the island-like pieces of dried-cracked mud in a dry lakebed. The areaolae "islands" are connected by an underlying prothallus to make a single lichen organism. The prothallus is often dark and not noticeable, whereby the different aereolae appear to be disconnected. Sometimes the aereolae curl up at the edges and continue growing at the edges so that they overlap, which is called being squamulose.