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pre. Mars

Usage examples of "areo-".

Perhaps one of the old-timers has a plan        A lot of people at the table were exchanging puzzled looks        - I cannot understand, - an old bony areo-surveyor said with annoyance   - What blueprint are we talking about?

However, I had to fly to Earth, perhaps it was built in my absence        Another areo-surveyor said:      - By the way, the Old Base is  not  located at point 211, but at  point 205        - Why 205?

He and Vlad had stood out here together on this very spot, in their very first minute on Mars, looking around at everything without a word for each other, just absorbing the gravity and the pink of the sky and the close horizons, looking just as they looked now, so many years later: areo-logical time, as slow and long as the great systolis itself.

He got his master license as an Areo-engineer, and he got to work out new ways to make the Canyon diggings even better.