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n. A kind of anthropogenic soil, with deep mixing due to ploughing, digging, etc.

Usage examples of "arent".

Choosings arent planned, everyone knows that - and its not as if youd gone and made an appointment for this hairy beast to show up!

Herald Elspeth and Adept Darkwind have built a Mage Collegium at Haven where they can keep a careful eye on those with Mage-Gift who arent also Heralds.

I want it to be the place where Hawkbrothers come when they need to work things out with Valdemarans, or where Lord Breon brings people who arent comfortable being in his manor.

Half the Healers in Valdemar arent trained at the Collegium, and they do all right!

I envy you this part of your practice, and I am very glad that you arent one of those who thinks herself too valuable to waste time tending animals.

You arent old enough to be living by yourself, and right at the edge of the village, too, out where who knows what could happen to you!

They arent within the distance that a gryphon can fly in half a day, and they are traveling slowly, so we will have that time.

Tales notwithstanding, Im afraid there arent many kingdoms going without claimants.

It should have been obvious you arent the kind of young man to choose inaction.

My home is nearer than the guest lodge - and you arent used to the customs of our hot pools.

Now, Im going to ask you some questions, because I suspect that you have already done some things with your Gift that you arent really aware of doing, and I want to find out what they are.

We arent set up to make any here yet, but if we dont have what you want in stores, I dont doubt we can get it made up from kVala.

If you got a big wound, if you arent on the ground already, or you arent dying, you generally fall down when everythings over, screaming with the pain.

I think you arent going to like this, but I think we have to help them.

So if youre going to be able to battle it when it finally decides to jump to our side, Id rather you did your flailing around on patients that arent Tayledras or Valdemaran.