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Arend (given name)

Arend is a masculine given name which may refer to:

  • Arnold I, Lord of Egmond (c. 1337 – 1409), spelled Arend in Dutch
  • Arend Dickmann (1572–1627), briefly Admiral of the Polish Navy
  • Arie Haan (born 1948), Dutch former footballer and current coach
  • Arie Hassink (born 1950), Dutch former road bicycle racer
  • Arend Heyting (1898–1980), Dutch mathematician and logician
  • Arend De Keysere (died 1490), Flemish printer
  • Arend Lijphart (born 1936), Dutch political scientist
  • Arend Friedrich Wiegmann (1770–1853), German pharmacist and botanist
  • Arend Friedrich August Wiegmann (1802–1841), German zoologist and herpetologist, son of the above

Arend may refer to:

  • Arend (locomotive), one of the two first steam locomotives in the Netherlands
  • Arend, Iran, a village
  • Arendsee (lake) or Lake Arend, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
  • 50P/Arend or Comet Arend, a periodic comet
  • De Arend (disambiguation), the name of various Dutch windmills
  • Arend (given name)
  • Arend (surname)
Arend (surname)

Arend is a surname which may refer to:

  • Anthony Clark Arend (born 1958), Professor of Government and Foreign Service at Georgetown University
  • Dieter Arend (1914-?), German rower
  • Geoffrey Arend (born 1978), American actor
  • Lucien den Arend (born 1943), Dutch sculptor
  • Sylvain Arend (1902-1992), Belgian astronomer

Usage examples of "arend".

CHAPTER NINETEEN I crossed the River Arend, the traditional border between Arendia and Tolnedra, early one morning in late spring.

River Arend and take up positions around Vo Mimbre in preparation for another siege.

The upper reaches of the River Arend are heavily forested, so there were lots of opportunities for ambushes.

We should reach the mouth of the River Arend sometime day after tomorrow.

The River Arend was in flood stage because of all the rain, however, and the current was definitely slowing him down.

The Murgos simply turned, fled south to the banks of the River Arend on the east side of the city, and tried to swim across.

An Arend with a sense of humor is a novelty, after allsort of like a talking dog.

Most of them risked so much by leaving good jobs with much larger variety chains to join up with a one-horse outfit run by an overactive dreamer down in Bentonvillepeople like Clarence Leis, Willard Walker, Charlie Baum, Ron Loveless, Bob Bogle, Claude Harris, Ferold Arend, Charlie Cate, Al Miles, Thomas Jefferson, Gary Reinboth.

My boss was Ferold Arend, and he told me we were going to set a new record of opening a store in three weeks.

My style has always been to lay off a lot of the day-to-day operating responsibilities to folks like Ferold Arend and Ron Mayer in the early days, later on to Jack Shewmaker, and eventually to David Glass and Don Soderquist.

Ferold Arend and Ron Mayer and Bob Thornton and myself were still trying to get a handle on how to distribute to a growing number of stores in these small towns off the beaten path.

He did not resemble Arend nor Cherek, Algar nor Drasnian, Rivan nor Tolnedran, but seemed rather to derive from some racial stock long since forgotten.

I know a Sendar when I see one just as I can recognize the difference between an Arend and a Tolnedran or a Cherek and an Algar.

After a pause to regroup, the host proceeded down the valley of the River Arend toward the city of Vo Mimbre, destroying all in its path.

The young Arend had changed out of his garish clothing and now wore brown hose, a green tunic, and a dark-brown wool cape.