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Arén , in Ribagorçan: Areny de Noguera , or in Aragonese: Arén de Noguera, is a municipality located in the province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain. According to the 2004 census ( INE), the municipality has a population of 364 inhabitants.

Usage examples of "aren".

Mallick Rel, his fat, soft hands folded together and resting on his paunch, his skin the colour of oiled leather and smelling of Aren perfumes.

Admiral Nok is to leave Hissar Harbour and proceed to Aren as soon as his ships are resupplied.

Secondly, I would think most of the tribes between here and Aren have set off to join Kamist Reloe.

One who was indebted to you, and to whom I was in turn indebted, with the result that I was tasked with arranging your departure from Aren, which I have now done, thus freeing me of further obligationswhich has proved timely, I might add.

The trader was towed clear of the inside harbour before being allowed to stretch sails, flanked by Imperial galleys that would provide escort crossing Aren Bay.

Coltaine could deliver this train to a place three miles up the coast from Aren and Pormqual would not set forth to deliver us.

It looked like nothing more than a cairn marker, a huge, elongated slab of stone tilted upward at the southernmost end, as if pointing the way across the Nenoth Odhan to Aren or some other, more recent destination.

Hills to the east and the Saniphir Hills to the west, the track running for seven leagues, opening out on a plain that faced the ancient tel of Sanimon, then wrapped around it to encompass the Sanith Odhan and, beyond that, the Geleen Plain, the Dojal Odhanand the city of Aren itself.

We shall escort you to Balahn village, and the beginning of the road known as Aren Way.

Even if we make it to Balahn, to Aren Way, it is still three leagues to the city itself.

The Wickans rode at either side, desperately trying to contain the human river, and Duiker could now see among them soldiers in the uniform of the Aren City Garrison joining in the effort.

When the gate finally emptied, not a single breathing refugee remained outside the walls, barring those he could see well down the road, still seated on the cobbles, unable to move, drawing their last breathstoo far away to retrieve, and it was clear that the Aren soldiers had been given strict orders about how far beyond the gate they were permitted.

Aye, we can march, but it will take months to reach the Aren Plain, and by then Korbolo will have given Tavore all the justification she needs to deliver a ruthless punishment.

Yet even worse was the knowledge that that pain would accompany his entire final journey down into eventual unconsciousness, and with itan added traumawere the images burned into him: almost forty hours of being driven on foot up Aren Way, watching each and every one of those ten thousand soldiers joined to the mass crucifixion in a chain of suffering stretching over three leagues, each link scores of men and women nailed to every tree, to every available space on those tall, broad trunks.

There was no end to the laughter in his head, the laughter that rode the wind sweeping through Aren Gate at his back.