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Usage examples of "arem".

Unfortunately that route was notorious for its bandits and cutthroats, and Arem needed a bodyguard to make sure he got through the short cut safely.

Gaar and I were much more tired than Arem, considering that we walked the entire way.

I was beginning to wonder if Arem was going to let us bring out any torches, when I thought I saw a little movement in a distant tree to my left.

I noticed that Gaar and Arem kept on going, but I ignored this until I could get mother look at the movement.

And it was only after all this that Gaar and Arem noticed something was amiss.

Most of them recognized and greeted Arem cordially, and he returned the courtesy.

Neither Gaar nor I liked that comment, but we kept silent while Arem babbled on about what a great fighter Gaar was, and how he should join the Army.

Finally he and the magistrate finished their chat, and we glowered at Arem as he shut the door.

Meanwhile Arem bade the girl to show us to an empty room and give us bedding and things.