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Arekh Thulay (also Árékh, Yarékh or Iarékh) was a leader of the old Persian Dulmat Rites. In several Persihaib-based cultures Arekh is a disputed anti- religious icon due to his participation in the Albhub-Hamni, the imprisonment of more than 800 clerics during the "Parherba" period from 842 - 849. Today Árékh is seen as the reincarnation of the first ancient anti-populistic religious campaigner in Persia, Ulbhadai.

The "non-existing cultural and religious roots of Arekh Thulay" (Delham, p. 152) make him the "first choice as a symbol for today's anti religious movements in the Non-Western world." His first name could be seen on unambiguous flags, papers and essays during the Turkic Rule.