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Usage examples of "arein".

People who catch this thingwhatever it ishave this powerful urge to sleep, so they lie down wherever they arein their cars, on the mall floors, in the offices.

If you do that, Areinnye, I would feel no qualms about holding you responsible for various hurts done my people by yours over the years.

Yet she couldn't help but catch a couple of Areinnye's glances at Ed—as if she knew that she was being watched for her responses and would be watched in the future.

She felt the magic fall away from her like a weight on a cord, dropping toward Areinnye.

Faintly, through the thunder, the echoes of her spell brought Nita the shape of Areinnye, still struggling, trying to get out from under the falling rock-shelf, and failing.

The shelf, settling slowly down and down onto Areinnye, forcing her closer and closer to the bottom, seemed to hesitate.

Kit rammed Areinnye head-on, hitting her squarely amidships and punching the smaller sperm whale backward thirty or forty feet.

True, there were more toothed whales fighting this time—not only Kit, but Fang and Areinnye as well.

Areinnye cried angrily at Nita during one or another of the attacks, while Fang and Kit and Ed and Aroooon fought off krakens coming from downcanyon and from above, and S'reee and Tlhlki worked furiously to heal a great sucker welt torn in Areinnye's side before Ed should notice it and turn on her.

The problem, and the only reason Nita didn't answer Areinnye hotly back, was that there might have been some slight truth to the accusation.

And off she went after Areinnye—into the water fouled with stirred-up slime and ink and blood, into the reach of grabbing, sandpapery tentacles and the glare of yellow eyes.

She gave up on sonar and concentrated on keeping just one more squid occupied until Kit or Ed or Areinnye could deal with it.

Kit said, with that cool cast to his voice that better suited Areinnye than it did him.

In that second Fang, on her left, arrowed in front of Areinnye, punching her jaws away from Nita in time for Nita to roll out of their way.

Nita pulled herself out of her roll just in time to see something else hit Areinnye—Kit's huge bulk, slamming into her with such force that she was knocked straight into the side of Caryn Peak.