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The men--and women, though one couldn't tell at this distance--picked their way carefully, more mindful of their own safety than anything else, because there was plainly no reason to risk one's life on behalf of the dead.

The usual political wife was a woman who appeared at her husband's side with an adoring smile and a few carefully picked words, who endured the tedium of a campaign, and the surprisingly brutal handshakes-- certainly Cathy Ryan would not subject her surgeon's hands to that, Price thought suddenly.

Then the camera was on Ryan again, closing in on his face and allowing some careful examination.

He left her there, carefully picking up the test tubes and moving them to his laboratory bench.

As soon as the sister had brought the blood sample, he'd divided it in two, sending one carefully packed test tube by air express to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, U.

In the early 1980s the Americans had come up with the right formula: a small, professional army, carefully selected, exquisitely trained, and lavishly equipped.

It was somebody who worked his way up the system, slow and careful all the way.

His latest theoretical gambit was dramatic and likely to be ineffective, but it had shown some small promise in monkey studies, and he wanted to try it on a human patient under carefully controlled conditions.

It took five careful minutes before she was firmly strapped in place, and the ground crewmen withdrew.

Moudi gave his patient a careful look, checking pulse and blood pressure, the former rapid and the latter still dropping.

She never gave the boy an injection, and Sister was always very careful with 'sharps.

For the rest, he thought, well, that was why they'd all trained so carefully in suit-safety and sharps procedures.

Then he had a comrade hold the arm in his two strong hands, careful himself to keep those hands well away from the needle.

When it was full, he withdrew it, and set it carefully in a plastic box, to be followed by three more.

Masterman had been especially careful today siting his Stinger-Avenger vehicles, and sure enough, they'd come in just as he'd expected.