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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aread \A*read"\, Areed \A*reed"\, v. t. [OE. areden, AS.

  1. To tell, declare, explain, or interpret; to divine; to guess; as, to aread a riddle or a dream. [Obs.]

    Therefore more plain aread this doubtful case.

  2. To read. [Obs.]

  3. To counsel, advise, warn, or direct.

    But mark what I aread thee now. Avaunt!

  4. To decree; to adjudge. [Archaic]
    --Ld. Lytton.

Usage examples of "areed".

From whom returning sad and comfortlesse,As on the way together we did fare,We met that villen (God from him me blesse)That cursed wight, from whom I scapt whyleare,A man of hell, that cals himselfe Despaire:Who first vs greets, and after faire areedesOf tydings strange, and of aduentures rare:So creeping close, as Snake in hidden weedes,Inquireth of our states, and of our knightly deedes.

Old man, great sure shalbe thy meed,If where those knights for feare of dew vengeaunceDo lurke, thou certainly to me areed,That I may wreake on them their hainous hatefull deed.

For day discouers all dishonest wayes,And sheweth each thing, as it is indeed:The prayses of high God he faire displayes,And his large bountie rightly doth areed.

Thereby Sir Artegall did plaine areed,That vnto him the horse belong'd, and sayd.

And willed him for to reclayme with speedHis scattred people, ere they all were slaine,And time and place conuenient to areed,In which they two the combat might darraine.

O foolish Faune indeed,That couldst not hold thy selfe so hidden blest,But wouldest needs thine owne conceit areed.

Ms Williams showed some confusion, but finally areed that the charts were, in fact, public.

If the people in the other Universe areed, the Positron Pump will stop and our Sun will be colder than ever and well all starve.