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Arecibo -- U.S. Municipio in Puerto Rico
Population (2000): 100131
Housing Units (2000): 38974
Land area (2000): 125.988742 sq. miles (326.309330 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 45.232510 sq. miles (117.151658 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 171.221252 sq. miles (443.460988 sq. km)
Located within: Puerto Rico (PR), FIPS 72
Location: 18.447513 N, 66.690927 W
Arecibo, PR
Arecibo Municipio
Arecibo Municipio, PR
Arecibo (disambiguation)

Arecibo may refer to:

  • Arecibo, Puerto Rico, a municipality located by the Atlantic Ocean
  • Arecibo Observatory, a very sensitive radio telescope located approximately south-southwest from the city of Arecibo
  • Arecibo (EP), an extended play by English singer Little Boots
  • Arecibo message, a message beamed into space via frequency modulated radio waves in 1974
  • Arecibo Captains, a team in National Superior Basketball, the Puerto Rican basketball league
  • 4337 Arecibo, an Outer Main-belt Asteroid discovered in 1985
  • Arecibo Vallis, a valley on Mercury
Arecibo (EP)

Arecibo is the debut extended play by English recording artist Little Boots, released in the United States on 18 November 2008 by IAMSOUND Records.

Usage examples of "arecibo".

A bounty now came flooding into the Center as the Eater fed data through Arecibo and Goldstone and the new dish at Neb Attahl, India.

Stoner blfcked and then remembered that the huge Arecibo radio telescope--a thousand feet across--was carved into a hillside and couldn't be steered or aimed the way the smaller radio dishes were.

They discussed the problems of moving the stafi to Arecibo, Tuttle clamping his mouth shut whenever a waiter or another customer drifted close to their table.

Tuttle said finally, "we'll get Arecibo, even if I have to get the President to declare a national emergency.

Ellington and I are convinced that we must turn over the Arecibo radio telescope facility to studying these radio signals.

But the science adviser said, "We're going to have a peck of trouble with the Arecibo regulars.

DARPA analysts conclude that moving the entire Arecibo staff out of their facility will cause inevitable security risks.

The Arecibo radio telescope facility can be used for Project JOVE studies, as needed, by the existing Arecibo staff without revealing the classified elements of JOVE to them.

Within an hour they received a gusher of data from the Arecibo radio dish, still the largest in the world.

The entire processing capability of the Center bore down on what Arecibo and the VLA had found.

Kingsley said smoothly, "I noticed that it transmitted when Arecibo could receive— indeed, when it was near the zenith at Arecibo's longitude.

I expect, then, that from now on it will use the second-largest facility—Goldstone, in the California desert—when Arecibo is out of its sight.

If Arecibo, used as a radar telescope, was capable of transmitting one megawatt of power to a specific locale in space, then a civilization only a little bit in advance of ours might, she thought, be capable of transmitting a hundred megawatts or more.

If they were intentionally transmitting to the Earth with a telescope as large as Arecibo but with a hundred-megawatt transmitter, Arecibo should be able to detect them virtually anywhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Nor had he, as had some of his colleagues, ardently photographed the tumble-down shanties and corrugated metal huts of the Puerto Rican poor during a bus excursion from a luxurious beachfront hotel to the Arecibo Observatory.