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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Areca \A*re"ca\, n. [Canarese adiki: cf. Pg. & Sp. areca.] (Bot.) A genus of palms, one species of which ( Areca catechu) produces the areca nut, or betel nut, which is chewed in India and Southeast Asia with the leaf of the Piper Betle and lime.


n. Any member of the genus ''Areca'' of about fifty species of single-stemmed palms in the family Arecaceae, found in humid tropical forests.


n. any of several tall tropical palms native to southeastern Asia having egg-shaped nuts


Areca (Mama'an in Meranau people.) is a genus of about 50 species of palms in the family Arecaceae, found in humid tropical forests from China and India, across Southeast Asia to Melanesia. The generic name Areca is derived from a name used locally on the Malabar Coast of India.

Areca (disambiguation)

Areca is a genus of single-stemmed palms.

Areca may also refer to:

  • Areca nut, also known as betel nut, from the species Areca catechu
  • Areca palm, a common name for Dypsis lutescens
  • Areca (company), Taiwanese company
  • Areca Backup, software

Usage examples of "areca".

Besides the lovely arrangements of cut flowers, there were eight-foot tall areca palms in strategic locations, succulent jade, rhododendrons.

Lavish floral displays in marble urns stood atop charcoal-gray pedestals in the main room, while areca palms potted in carved stone planters enlivened dark corners and long hallways.

The betel-nut is the fruit of the lovely, graceful, slender-shafted areca palm.

The requisites for chewing are: a small piece of areca nut, a leaf of the Sirih or betel pepper, a little moistened lime, and, if you wish to be very luxurious, a paste made of spices.

It was very hot, but the afternoon airs were strong enough to lift the British ensign out of its heavy folds and to rustle the graceful fronds of the areca palms.

It is certainly not beautiful as grown in Province Wellesley, and I am becoming faithless to my allegiance to it in this region of areca and other more graceful palms.

Although it was predominantly a Malay practice the habit of chewing betel nuts, which released the reddening areca catechu stain, was widespread throughout the East.

Continuing to read out the analyses, Rosetti said tests on gum tissue from the mouths of the second French victim and the girls in London and Vienna gave areca catechu extract as the cause of the heightened mouth redness he'd found in each.

The Indians use the leaves as a masticatory (the taste being warm, aromatic and bitter), together with scraped areca nut and lime.

No amateur can handle a hunk of wood that stretches forty feet and weighs more than a ton, and no amateur can cook for the guild of Nam Viet, where the additional course is lips of _hsiang-hsiang_, meaning gibbons, seethed in beer made from juice of the areca nut.