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n. 1 A chief or reigning devil. 2 (context computing Unix English) A program, or part of a program, which is not invoked explicitly but lies dormant waiting for some event.

Usage examples of "archdevil".

The tentacled archdevil came to a halt close by his stumped captive, looming up dark and tall.

The archdevil roared with laughter, and darting tentacles touched Elminster here and there, sending smaller spells through him until the naked, exhausted man could stand once more.

Not for the satisfaction of a certain mage of Shadowdale but for the memories the archdevil had already rummaged through and taken.

Silently, a pointed rock behind the archdevil moved, curling out like a dark finger.

Tasnya has uses for mortal wizards-and blundering archdevils who come raging hence to recover them, too.

They were goaded by archdevils whose hosts mounted the skies in their thousands and tens of thousands, blotting out die bloody vault with their bodies.

Avernus trembled as archdevils deeper in the Hells looked up in real alarm and gave orders.

I would give them freely, to make an archdevil more human, to give one being in Hell greater understanding of Toril-were it not for his mindworm, which takes what I share and strips it from my mind.

Sane at least as far as an archdevil could tell about a human- Fires take all, he was not going to give up.