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Archana may refer to:

Archana (actress)

Archana is an Indian film actress and accomplished Kuchipudi and Kathak dancer, known for her works in the South Indian film industry. She has won the National Film Award for Best Actress, twice for her work in Veedu in Tamil and Daasi in Telugu.

Archana (Hinduism)

Archana is a special, personal, abbreviated puja done by temple priests in which the name, birth star and family lineage of a devotee are recited to invoke individual guidance and blessings. Archana also refers to chanting the names of the Deity, which is a central part of every puja. The Sanskrit meaning is "honouring, praising."

Archana is also a common Indian female name. It means adoring, worshipping one or dedicated.

Category:Rituals in Hindu worship

Archana (moth)

Archana is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Archana (film)

Archana (film) is a 1966 Indian Malayalam film, directed by KS Sethumadhavan and produced by TE Vasudevan. The film stars Madhu, Sharada, K. P. Ummer and Adoor Bhasi in lead roles. The film had musical score by K. Raghavan.