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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Arca \Arca\ n. 1. 1 the type genus of the family Arcidae, including ark shells and blood clams.

Syn: genus Arca.


n. (context US sports English) (acronym of automobile Automobile racing Racing club Club of America dot= English), a stock car auto racing sanctioning body in the United States, founded in 1952.


ARCA or Arca may refer to:

  • ARCA, the American Russian Cultural Association founded by Nicholas Roerich in 1942 in the United States
  • Automobile Racing Club of America, a stock car auto racing sanctioning body founded by John Marcum in 1953 in the United States
  • Automobile Racing Club of America, a forerunner of the Sports Car Club of America founded by the Collier brothers in 1933 in the United States
  • ARCA Sim Racing '08, a race simulator
  • NYSE Arca, an online stock exchange previously known as Archipelago
  • Arca (genus), a genus of ark clams
  • Arça or Arsk, a townlet in Tatarstan, Russia
  • Association for Research into Crimes against Art, a non-profit organization based in Rome
  • Arca (band), a French rock group featuring Joan Cambon and Sylvain Chauveau
  • Associate of the Royal College of Art
  • ARCA Space Corporation, an aerospace company based in Las Cruces, New Mexico that builds space rockets and other manned and unmanned aircraft intended for space exploration.
  • Julio Arca, an Argentinian football (soccer) player
  • ArcA (enzyme), aerobic respiratory control A
  • Arca-Swiss style tripod mounting
  • Arca (producer), an electronic music producer
  • ARCA SGR Italian asset management company
Arca (genus)

Arca is a genus of saltwater clams in the family Arcidae, the ark clams.

Arca (producer)

Alejandro Ghersi, better known by his stage name Arca, is a Venezuelan electronic producer, consultant, mixing engineer and DJ based in Dalston, London.

Usage examples of "arca".

Aldovrandi at Bologna, as Condivi tells us, Michael Angelo, for the sum of thirty ducats, completed the drapery of a San Petronio, begun by Nicolo di Bari on the arca or shrine of San Domenico, and carved the very beautiful and highly finished statuette of an angel holding a candlestick, still to be seen there.

It had survived the reforming zeal of bluff King Hal, erstwhile Defender of the Faith, because, whatever Arca might have been, she was most assuredly not a papal protegee, and also because the parish priest of that period was prompt to obey the royal edict.

Mystic Rose of her lips: A woman was His walking home Foederis Arca Ora pro nobis.

The techs stared at Arcas, as if the green priest could ease their fears or offer them some sort of shortcut.

Yet, even on Theroc Arcas felt none of the passion that most green priests did.

Green priests were in such demand that even a mediocre one such as Arcas could choose from innumerable offers of employment.

After communing through telink, Arcas refocused on the eager technicians.

It was all the same to Arcas, though he had chosen this assignmentfar away, and involving relatively few people.

Among the numerous offers, opulent positions, important diplomatic and liaison posts, Arcas most wanted to be away from all the bustle.

A metal clanging shattered the still air as the green priest Arcas worked with a simple hydraulic assembly.

Over by the drilling apparatus, Arcas let out a shout as a geyser of cool, clear water sprayed upward.

Thus far, Arcas had not seemed enthusiastic about being here with two archaeologists, but he had volunteered for the job.

Typically, a green priest would find such bleakness disturbing, but Arcas felt the desert calling to him.

When Arcas had finished his early-morning tending of the treelings, he longed to follow his heart and explore places that interested him.

Standing in the empty camp, Arcas took a glance at the twenty thin treelings planted in rows behind his tent.