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Arben is a given name that may refer to: "Kuvendi i Arbënit më 1703" , Assembly of Arbënit hold on 1703, it lost ë to e for easily pronunciation.

  • Arben Imami (born 1958), Albanian politician, as of 2009[update] the Minister of Defence
  • Arben Malaj (born 1961), has been Minister of Finance and Economy in the Republic of Albania different times from 1997 until 2005
  • Arben Minga (1959–2007), Albanian footballer, who played as a centre-forward and a central defender
  • Arben Morina (born 1956), Albanian painter currently living in Italy
  • Arben Ristani (born 1969), head of the Central Election Commission of Albania
  • Arben Shehu (born 1980), former Albanian football striker
  • Arben Xhaferi, former president of the Democratic Party of Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia