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The Arawak are a group of indigenous peoples of South America and historically of the Caribbean. Specifically, the term "Arawak" has been applied at various times to the Lokono of South America and the Taíno, who historically lived in the Greater Antilles and northern Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean, all of whom spoke related Arawakan languages.

Arawak (disambiguation)

Arawak is an indigenous language family of South America and the Caribbean.

Arawak may also refer to:

  • Lokono, or Arawak, an indigenous Arawak people of South America
    • Lokono language, the language of the Lokono
  • Taíno, an Arawak people who historically lived in the Caribbean
    • Taíno language, the Arawak language of the Taíno people
  • Arawak languages, an indigenous language family of South America and the Caribbean

Usage examples of "arawak".

America: Aguaruna, Arawak, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Iroquois, Lengua, Mataco, Maya, Mexican and Yahgan.

Scholars believe that Korobona was a local name for Kururumany, the creator-goddess of the Antillean Arawak.

Also Dutch, English, German, French, and several other tribal tongues, including ancient Ciboney and Arawak.

On his final voyage Columbus shipwrecked on Jamaica, and the Arawaks there kept him and his crew of more than a hundred alive for a whole year until Spaniards from Haiti rescued them.

Er waren geen Taino, Arawak, of Caribische historici, maar in het Caribisch gebied was wel degelijk sprake van conflicten, zowel voor als na de komst van Columbus.

This developed into the slitted and loop-holed armored coach and household guard of the Arawak of Fazir, who was himself seeking sanctuary from the Ribar of Zaroom, the Ribar having fomented an uprising by offering food to the starving populace of Fazir.

The Arawak Indians, welcoming Christopher Columbus with garlands and gifts of fruit, smiling with delight, soon to be massacred, or tied up beneath the beds upon which their women were being raped.