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n. (alternative form of Araks English)


Årås is the administrative centre of Austrheim municipality in Hordaland county, Norway. The village is located in the central part of the island of Fosnøyna, about northeast of the village of Austrheim. The village has a population (2013) of 603, giving the village a population density of .

Aras (river)

The Aras or Araxes is a river in and along the countries of Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. It drains the south side of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains and then joins the Kura River which drains the north side of those mountains. Its total length is . Given its length and a basin that covers an area of , it is one of the largest rivers of the Caucasus.

ARAS (Lithuania)

The ARAS or Lithuanian Police Anti-terrorist Operations Unit ARAS is a separate specialized police unit established in 1991. At first, ARAS's main purpose was to suppress organized crime and the bandit groups that were freely operating in Lithuania. In addition, they handled riot suppression, peace keeping, and escort. In December 2004 the unit was admitted into the Atlas Network of special counter-terrorist police units of the European Union countries.

Aras (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Aras was an autochthon who was believed to have built Arantea, the most ancient town in Phliasia, Peloponnese. He had a son called Aoris, and a daughter called Araethyraea. The latter is said to have been fond of chase and warlike pursuits; she was also the mother of Phlias by Dionysus. When she died, her brother called the country of Phliasia after her Araethyrea. The monuments of Araethyrea and her brother, consisting of round pillars, were still extant in the time of Pausanias; and before the mysteries of Demeter were commenced at Phlius, the people always invoked Aras and his two children with their faces turned towards their monuments.

Aras (tactical vehicle)

''' Aras (tactical vehicle) '''Aras tactical vehicle Islamic Republic of Iran's Ministry of Defense. The car on 31 August 1391, to coincide with the national day of Iran's defense industry and Defense Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was unveiled. According to Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, Iran's defense minister in the future these vehicles will be available to the public.

Usage examples of "aras".

The crew knew the broad detail, and so did the colonists of Constantine who gave her asylum, and it would only be a matter of time before the matriarchs of Wess'ej found out what Aras had done to save her.

Usually Aras managed to see only what was truly there: tonight, once again, the images of what had once been were intruding on the present.

But Aras walked along the vanished perimeter of an isenj city called Mjat and down what had been a main thoroughfare flanked by homes.

But she had expected a little more breathing space before the matriarchs discovered what Aras had done to her.

She wondered how Aras had managed to spend so many years here without the comfort of fellow wess'har.

She didn't match the self-assured picture that conversations with Aras had created.

If this parasite is not the temptation of the Devil, then I don't know what is.

It had played this game before, when an isenj round had penetrated her skull and Aras had bled his hand into her open wound to repair her.

Shan had seen Aras do that a few times when he had been taken aback or alarmed.

Mestin stood up and trilled at the top of her voices for Aras to come and join them.

Whatever form he had taken, Aras was still enough of a wess'har male to find a strong and aggressive female completely irresistible.

She was still glancing occasionally at Aras, and it was a very different eye movement from the one she used when she looked at Mestin.

They carried on their way around the caldera, a progress slowed by more wess'har stopping Aras to say ho w significant, how wonderful, it was to see him.

Most had never actually seen a c'naatat before, let alone one as extraordinarily different as Aras.

He recalled sitting on a plain on Bezer'ej telling Shan about the c'naatat parasite for the first time, ready to cut her throat with his tilgir if she looked likely to betray the knowledge to the scientists of Thetis.