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Arani or Aarani may refer to:

  • Arani A leading manufacturer of LED lighting products.
  • Arani (Hinduism), it is a Hindi word (अरणी)that direct means to churning stick, the pair of stick that can generate fire when we rub it
  • Arani, Bolivia, a city in Bolivia
  • Arani Municipality, a municipality in Bolivia
  • Arani Province, a province in Bolivia
  • Arni, Tiruvannamalai, also written as Arani, a city in India
  • Arani, Chennai, a suburb of Chennai, Tiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
  • Arani river in India
  • Aarani Satyanarayana, famous Telugu film and drama actor.
Arani (Lok Sabha constituency)

Arani is a Lok Sabha (Parliament of India) constituency in Tamil Nadu. It was created during the 2008 assembly delimitation from the former Vandavasi constituency.