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Aral may refer to:

Usage examples of "aral".

As the barkeep brought them their drinks, Aral finally managed to pull his gaze free of the pair.

The alley With a small nod from his mistress, the giant took hold of Aral, inverting him and plunging him headfirst into the barrel.

He lifted Aral effortlessly, hauling him toward one of the rain barrels.

The little woman scurried alongside them, looking up at Aral as he squirmed.

I travel alone, Aral Fayle, and thus am committing the greatest crime known among my people.

This night, friend Aral Fayle, I shall endeavour to tell you of the fall of Adjunct Lorn.

Shells of the same species as those now found in the Caspian Sea are scattered over the surface of the soil as far East as half-way to Lake Aral, and are found in recent deposits as far north as Kazan.

The barman went back to work, leaving Aral sulking at the corner table.

For farmers like Aral, having a girl child was disappointment enough, but having a blind one was unthinkable.

His father was a drunk and Aral had been anxious to be rid of him, and when he had learned that a parcel of inexpensive land had opened up near Koth, he had snatched the opportunity eagerly.

She stepped out into the center of the street, facing Aral, and once again the fractured smile appeared.

The Sirinth wheeled, then dropped flat on its belly within Aral Gamelon.

Miles, looking over her shoulder, told himself firmly that it was probably just as well that his holovid of the blandly blastular Aral Alexander and Helen Natalia was still in his luggage back aboard the Kestrel.

It had been intended as a warning not to leave the family coopery in Marn, but Aral hadn't listened.

Half-way across Russia, through Astrakhan, over the Aral Sea (Caspian, too, as a matter of fact) and across the Hindu Kush - old country to me, of course.